The X-files

Born Again
Episode: 1X21
First aired:4/29/94
Written by: Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon
Directed by: Jerrold Freedman

Detective Barbala talks to a lost little girl in an interrogation room. Moments later he falls to his death after crashing through the window.

Mulder and Scully get involved and talk to the mother. She says that they've gone through four nannies and that the little girl, Michelle, is not a normal kid.

Michelle says she saw another man in the room. Her description fits Detective Charlie Morris who died nine years ago. Mulder of course suggests she saw a ghost.

However evidence starts to mount that Michelle has psychokinetic powers and may be the reincarnation of Charlie Morris. Michelle has mutilated her dolls in the manner that Charlie Morris had died (particularly brutal). Michelle is also present when detective Barbala is choked to death when his scarf is caught in a bus.

We find out that Barbala and Fiore, his and Morris's partner, were involved in Morris's murder. Michelle captures Fiore and is about to kill him when Mulder and Scully reach Michelle/Morris. It's all over when Fiore admits his involvement with the murder. Michelle has no memory of the incident and the case is closed with objections from Mulder.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "I'm sure. Have you observed any unexplained phenomena in Michelle's presence?"
Dr. Braun (Michelle's psyc.) "Unexplained phenomena?"
Mulder -- "Inordinate physical strength, psychic ability, telekinesis..."
Dr. Braun -- "You're joking, of course."

Mulder -- "Why is it still so hard for you to believe, even when all the evidence suggests extraordinary phenomena?"
Scully -- "Because sometimes ..."
Mulder -- "What?"
Scully -- "... looking for extreme possibilities makes you blind to the probable explanation right in front of you."

Scully -- "Do me a favor, Mulder. Let me say it. Reincarnation."

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