Amazingly enough, Fox has decided *not* to be dumb in releasing the The X-files to DVD. They are doing it season by season, and at least online, they're relatively sanely priced (around 100 clams).

I just bought the first season set, and it's AMAZING!
It's made up of 7 discs. The first six contain four episodes each. The final CD contains "behind the truth" shorts from F/X, the short talks with Chris Carter that preceeded the episodes from season one released on VHS, and the promotional spots for each of the episodes of the season.

The language options are french and english, with english and spanish subtitles. There are "international clips" for each episode, bits of the episode as they were seen in other countries. (The Japanese voice actors especially are very good!)

This DVD set is *well* worth the pricetag. Fox plans on releasing two seasons a year until the entire series is covered. The Second Season will be released in late November, 2000.

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