The X-files

Beyond the Sea
Episode: 1X12
First aired:1/04/94
Written by: Glen Morgan and James Wong
Directed by:David Nutter

One of the most memorable episodes of The X-files.

Scully wakes up to see an image of her father, Captain Scully, in her living room but the image disappears in a flash as Scully's mother calls to tell her that her father has died of a massive coronary.

Two college kids are kidnapped and a death-row inmate, Luther Lee Boggs, says he knows where they are by psychic abilities. Boggs is condemned to die in part by Mulder's profile years before. He says he will help locate the kids for a stay of execution. However Mulder is skeptical.

Scully however starts to believe Boggs after he hums "Beyond the Sea," the song played at her father's funeral, and calls Scully "Starbuck," her father's nickname for her.

Boggs warns Mulder of a white cross and Mulder is shot near one when the FBI raids the hostage site. The girl is rescued but the suspect and the other kid remain missing.

Boggs tells Scully that he will let her speak with her father and save the boy only when he is spared execution. Scully agrees and Boggs tells her where the boy is. The kid is saved and suspect killed.

Boggs says that he will deliver Captain Scully's message at his execution, however Scully goes to Mulder's bedside saying that she was afraid to believe and that she knows what the message is.

Important Quotes:
Scully -- "Last time you were that engrossed, it turned out you were reading the Adult Video News."

Mulder -- "Dana. After all you’ve seen, after all the evidence, why can’t you believe?"
Scully -- "I’m afraid. I’m afraid to believe."

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