This bumper sticker is in some ways a "reaction" to the born again Christian sticker, but it's also very tongue in cheek. Its purpose is much more half-laughing at ourselves than playing holier than thou. For you see, for most pagans, this sticker is redundant. The great, great majority of pagan belief systems believe in some form of reincarnation or another, so "by definition" a pagan is born again. (or as the other popular sticker like this goes, Born again, and again, and again...) Saying you're a born again pagan is like saying "my brown hair is brown." It's redundant, and is a given in the statment from the start. There's nothing innately special in the statement at all.

As for proselythizing our "born again pagan" philosophy, i'm terribly glad to hear you haven't met this. In an ideal situation, you actually won't find this much at all. Most pagans believe in a strong policy of non-proselythization. We happily make information available to all seekers, but in no way does the majority of the population go out seeking converts. Many pagans consider preaching with the intent of conversion highly unethical and against what our religions stand for.

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