The Right Wing Maniac is a common mode of trolling. The Slashdot troll jsm has suggested that the RWM is the fundamental troll mode, like the twelve bar blues: That it is the root and fount of all trolling, infinitely malleable and expressive, and infinitely difficult to master. He was probably kidding, but with trolls it's hard to tell.

RWM trolls grind one or more of the following axes: US Evangelical Fundamentalist Christianity; Ayn Rand; militia/New World Order paranoia; anti-feminist paranoia; general American Know-Nothingism, nativism, etc.; libertarianism.

Multiple and mutually contrasting axes may be ground (e.g. Ayn Rand + fundamentalist Christianity) for extra cognitive dissonance points.
Yet another slashdot troll that can be presumedly attributed to Right Wing Maniac.
It amazes me that so many allegedly "educated" people have allowed themselves to be so swiftly deluded by a fraudulent fabrication of such ridiculous proportions. The very idea that not one, but two jumbo jets would crash themselves into a famous New York skyscraper -- in broad daylight with vigilant air-traffic controllers and tight airport security watching every move of every craft in the air -- is laughable. Furthermore, it is a horrendous affront to the world-renowned intellect and common sense of the American people. The fact that anyone could actually believe this is evidence that the Liberals -- after decades of waging war against intellectual integrity and honesty -- have finally ripped the few remaining, tenuous strands of control of our educational system from full-blooded, hard-working, God-fearing Americans.
As such wonderful documentaries as The Siege have so articulately exposed, the Liberal masterminds in Berkeley and their toadies throughout the nation have been silently waging war against the American people and their God-given rights to protect themselves, their worship, their family values, and their hard work. Much of this has been conducted under the guise of preventing "terrorism", a meaningless word engineered by radical left-wingers specifically to bring fear into the heart of honest Americans. Think about it -- can you remember any reference to so-called "terrorism" that occurred before Liberals invaded our government offices in the last decade? Of course you can't, because despite whatever the revisionist histories may tell you, there is no mention of any "terrorism" in classic literature before 1980. Only then did the neo-Marxists invent such absurd figures as Timothy McVeigh and Osama Bin Laden in order to legitimize their anti-freedom agenda, drowning the spirit of the American people in a blatantly-engineered machine of fear and mourning for "victims" of these "terrorist attacks".

In fact, it should be incredibly obvious that the concept of a 110-story building even being built, much less two, is a clear and obvious fraud. No documentation of these "twin towers" existed before a "terrorist attack" occured on the previously-nonexistent pair of skyscrapers on September the 11th. Due to this hoax being perpetrated by the Liberal-controlled media, suddenly people all over the world mourned the loss of thousands of people who had not existed before. Innocent men and women, brainwashed by the left-wing education institutions, gave firsthand accounts of losing relatives they never had until the "attack" happened.

But the most outrageous aspect of this hoax is the "Pentagon" -- a government office fabricated especially for this purpose. Liberal media claims this imaginary building to be "the center of America's defense system", although obviously an organization as proud and God-fearing as the United States Military would never think to station themselves in a building of five sides, so obviously close to the pentagram, mark of Lucifer himself. It is insulting to the nation's intelligence that eight hundred members of the world's proudest institution would be made to meet their Lord by something as graceful, efficient, and secure as our country's fine aviation system.

Don't let the devious tricks of the Liberals allow you, a citizen of the greatest nation this Earth has ever or will ever know, to surrender your freedoms. Any lesser nation would have succumbed to their wills long ago, and indeed the socialist states in Europe already have. It is only the superior resilience, pride, and intellect of America that has allowed it to withstand the constant threat of Liberal control.

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