Heh. That was from the eminent Right Wing Maniac troll who calls himself 70%. See "American Indians": Absurd liberal myth; I don't even recall whether it was him or me who first started working with the "Absurd Liberal Myth" meme, but it's a good one.

Here's a wonderful reply to that one, written by jsm a.k.a. streetlawyer:

I simply refuse to put up with limp, Satanic, fellow-travelling shit like this piece of sub-human garbage in your pewling, idiotic post:

"Even the liberals can't control the rotation of the Earth to prevent nightfall from setting in (only Joshua was able to ask for that particular favor!) "

Let's count the errors, shall we?
  1. The Earth does not "rotate". If it did, we would all be blown around ten ways to Tuesday by the winds created.
  2. If the Earth did rotate, then one would expect to see tornadoes in the area at the centre of rotation. This would imply that Kansas is the centre of the Earth, a thought pleasing to my personal sympathies, but contradicted by scripture. There has never been a tornado in Jerusalem
  3. Joshua asked Our Lord to stop the Sun, you ignorant asshole, not the Earth. What possible good would it have done to stop the Earth from moving?
  4. Your blasphemous statement that the Moon "reflects" light from the Sun directly contradicts Genesis 3:16, in which it is made perfectly clear that "he created the moon, that the slimy crawling things by night might see". Which part of "he created", don't you understand? Your pathetic advocacy of the fraudulent theory (and it IS a THEORY, not some bourgeois, East-Coast elitist idea of a "fact") is sickening
Your evil whinings are, quite frankly, tantamount to liberalism.

Both of these trolls are reproduced by permission of the authors. Since streetlawyer was copping my style (his own style is quite different and entirely wonderful), he'd damn well better not mind anyhow.

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