OK so it's been a beautiful spring Saturday.

After driving Gemma to work (way out in the sticks, today) and getting somewhat lost finding the right spot to deposit her, Molly and I made our way back to Kingston at speed for coffee and sunshine. We both enjoyed a fresh-baked blueberry muffin and damn fine espresso. Then to get the papers, to the supermarket, then the fruit, veggies, and delicatessen from the markets. Home for a glorious day of nothing except e2, A Taxing Woman, and an afternoon nap.

Have enjoyed the nodage of WolfDaddy and domaindudu.

This evening, had another tutoring session with an old friend, basically teaching remedial maths. I'm accustomed to training lots of folks in techy things, but basic maths is making parts of my brain really stretch and work.

Tomorrow brings another day, hopefully as peaceful as today.