Title of Niilo Paasivirta's amazing work that tells the "truth" about D&D and other "works of Satan".


This page is probably the best-known Finnish RPG site.

In its own words, "Love thy neighbor-page tells about the dangers of so-called 'Roleplaying Games' and other sins!"

This is it. Summa summarum, the Omega, the End of Fundamentalist Christian Jihad against Roleplayers (and other "sinners"). I think that if more Con-RPG preachers would visit this site, they would realize how absolutely laughable they look to outsiders.

NP is just trolling for good cause, of course, but many think he's serious... these days, it's so hard to tell a troll from the real deal =)

The page was formerly called "The Game of Satan"; These days it preaches love, not hate, but people still have a strange habit of mailing hate mail to him...

See also: Dracopolitics, BADD

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