A 1991 album from by Strawpeople (Paul Casserly and Mark Tierney) on the Pagan record label.

No lyrics are included because these aren't lyrically-oriented songs

  1. One Good Reason (also credits: Merenia)
  2. Gleaming Star (also credits: Leah Haines, Mel)
  3. Beautiful Skin (also credits: Karen Dennis)
  4. Surface (also credits: Greg Johnson)
  5. Ain't No Love (also credits: Nemisis Dub Systems, Eddie Chambers, Paulette Edwards)
  6. Imagination (also credits: Greg Johnson)
  7. Ave Maria (also credits: Greg Johnson)
  8. Sly (also credits: Trevor Reekie, Rex Visible)
  9. Hemisphere (also credits: Paulette Edwards)
  10. Blue (also credits: Fiona McDonald, Russel Baillie)
  11. Full Power (also credits: Micheal Lawry)

Hem"i*sphere (?), n. [L. hemisphaerium, Gr. ; half = sphere: cf. F. h'emisphere. See Hemi-, and Sphere.]


A half sphere; one half of a sphere or globe, when divided by a plane passing through its center.


Half of the terrestrial globe, or a projection of the same in a map or picture.


The people who inhabit a hemisphere.

He died . . . mourned by a hemisphere. J. P. Peters.

Cerebral hemispheres. Anat. See Brain. -- Magdeburg hemispheres Physics, two hemispherical cups forming, when placed together, a cavity from which the air can be withdrawn by an air pump; -- used to illustrate the pressure of the air. So called because invented by Otto von Guericke at Magdeburg.


© Webster 1913.

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