Strawpeople is (or has become) primarily a name for the creative output and collaborations of New Zealand artist Paul Casserly.

On the 1991 album hemisphere he worked with Mark Tierney and a variety of other artists on the Pagan label.

The 1992 album Worldservice also saw Paul Casserly and Mark Tierney working together on the Pagan label.

The 1996 album Vicarious was produced by Paul Casserly and Fiona McDonald, who'd recently left the Headless Chickens on the Sony label.

The 2000 album No New Messages was produced by Paul Casserly and Joost Langeveld (they were long-time collaborators, Joost appearing in credits for four tracks of WorldService), it was release by Sony.

My nodings of these albums have not included lyrics because they are not vocally-oriented.

Vicarious is my personally favorite, but tastes differ.

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