A weekend that is longer than the standard two days. Long weekends can occur due to a holiday falling on the Friday before or Monday after a weekend or they can be self-declared due to illness.

Deeply ingrained in the Australian psyche as essential time-off. Those people who work on a long weekend are labelled as poor sods.

This is God-given time for

  • the family and that trip "down the coast"
  • taking apart the car, putting it back together, and giving it a good wax
  • inviting the relos over for a barbie (read: bloody unlikely mate!)
  • wives to nag their usually absent husbands.
  • On the Australian calender, the dates to look out for are the Queen's birthday which isn't QEII's actually birth date, and Labour Day. They always fall on a Monday. Surreptitiously organised by higher powers...
    And, with no devine intervention, Good Friday and Easter Monday make it a fabulously long weekend; unless of course, you have to work on Saturday, which isn't a public holiday.

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