An old Finnish unit of length. Allegedly the word means the distance a reindeer ("poro" in Finnish) can run without taking a leak on the way ("kusi" is a dirtyish word for urine). The exact measure of this distance is hard to come by since the unit is very old but according to an article in a Finnish newspaper it is about 7.5 kilometers. If someone is interested enough to carry out an empirical study about this, please inform me about the results.

Poronkusema is the name of a hedonistic gathering of students held in the Arctic in March each year.

Organised by students of the University of Lapland in Rovaniemi, the event invites students from all over Finland for a long weekend of group competitions, socialising, drinking and general frivolity.

With a low entry cost of around 10 euros, accommodation consists of crash space in a gym, so sleeping bags are required. Basically, you will find all the comforts you would expect from an event called "Reindeer's Piss".

Of course, the event also provides a good excuse to visit the north of Finland for those who would not normally go there.


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