You know the guy, the one that runs around the parking lots of big malls on long weekends selling some kind of bauble supposedly to support himself or for a charity of some kind. The guilt laid on you if you don't buy one is usually pretty harsh so most people buy the damned thing.

Well recently on the Canada Day weekend I was sitting in the car while some of my family went into the mall. This guy comes up to the window and knocks on it showing this stupid keychain thing with this piece of paper saying how he's deaf and this is for a charity. Well I laughed because i've seen this guy around before and he isn't deaf but rather an annoying welfare bum.

I didn't want any shit so I just gave him the look of dissaproval which would normally make someone leave. Well this guy just stood there and started getting annoying so I made a get lost hand motion, still nothing. So finally I opened the door and told him to fuck right off. Well for a deaf guy he certainly got the message and finally left.

God bless this country of con artist assholes and kraft dinner. :) mmm mmm good

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