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I have included, when available and for reference purposes, the scores (with 100 being the best) these wines have received from various wine organizations. These are hardly gospel and should always take a back seat to your own tastes (WS = Wine Spectator, WE = Wine Enthusiast, WA = Wine Advocate). Where appropriate, I have included my own thumbnail-type rating, in bold.

And onto the reviews:

Red Wines

(listed in descending order of vintage within area of origin)


California and other US






Nonvintage Red


Port is easily one of my favorite drinks, which is actually a little sad as I appreciate the better ports without being in an income bracket to be able to drink them on a regular basis, much less stock a cellar with them. Nevertheless, I suck it up and keep on keeping on...


White Wines


On the subject of white wines...

Many of you may notice that these reviews are heavily slanted toward red wines, and this is driven entirely by personal preference. You, however, should drink what you like; and if you don't like reds, well then you can just tell me to go to hell and I won't take it personally. So drink your whites in good health, and enjoy!

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