I am beginning to believe that, with the exception of wines from specific vineyards, there is an inverse correlation between a wine's name length and its quality. If I ever find a wine named like "1999 Joe's Wine," I'll try it and let you know.

I disliked this wine. I've been meaning to try some Chilean wines for some time, as I understand that (overall) quality is improving and prices are low. I paid $10 for this mid-range (price) wine, for example, while California Cabernets tend to start there. Oh well--I guess I just have to look harder.

The color was nice, a really deep garnet red, tending toward an opaque purple. A lot richer color than you'd find in, say, a California Cab. The aroma was interesting, encompassing strong fruity, smoky scents and hiding just a touch of mint. The taste was where the wine lost me: they seem to have tried to cram lots of fruit flavor into the wine, but the result was a muddle. Grapiness and something earthy (dirt?) collided amid a surprise splash of acidity. The finish was so short as to be unworthy of mention. Oh, I guess I mentioned it. The wine definitely went better with the meal, which had both red meat and some cheese to help soften it.

I can only hope this will not turn me off Chile as a whole, since this wine thing is killing me financially and I'm desperate for a way to drink good wine cheap. Australia will be my next stop if Chile disappoints, I guess...

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