Just in case there's a more generic version on the market, this one is the Sonoma "Heritage Vines" wine.

I liked this wine. Unlike the recently reviewed 1999 Pepperwood Grove Zinfandel, this wine has entered upon its adulthood, offering a red color that's dark red but not purple. The aromas were of black pepper, leather, and maybe just a little bit of chocolate. It offers a spicy flavor--fruity, but in good measure--with perhaps a hint of cherry. The finish was very pleasant, mid-length but layered with tastes. This is a nicely balanced wine, though it could have perhaps benefited from a little more in the way of tannin to balance out the fruit. Another negative: it really started to turn south after sitting on the table for only about 20-30 minutes, but I guess I'll just have to drink the next glass more quickly

Another successful value find at $11 a bottle. And from what I understand, the 1998 pales in comparison to the similarly priced 1997. See what you can find.

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