So I've decided to do some exploring in Zinfandels. I've had a bunch of California wines in recent months, so I figure it's a healthy way to round out the experience.

This is my first Zin (technically my second, as I have previously reviewed a Primitivo), so I have yet to develop any real sense for the genre. Anyway, this wine--with its inky red color and purplish-blue tinges--appealed to me right away, as I've been on a streak of lighter and older Italian wines. It is young and headstrong, offering aromas of black pepper, mild tobacco, and a hint of cloves. The taste was spicy and full of fruit--not too complex, but a vibrant wine. On the downside, it seems a little high in acid, and it lacks the kind of tannic structure that would help harmonize the wine.

But this was a $7 bottle of wine, so as long as I don't go blind I'm generally happy. In the final analysis, this wine offers great value and easy drinkability.

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