I wanted a white wine to go with the chicken I was making for dinner, so settled on a bottle of Bella Sera's pinot grigio. The price was right ($7 or $10, I forget which) and considering I was in a standard "corner booze store", no advice was available. It's an Italian wine ("Delle Venezie")

The wine is light yellow, with a greenish tinge to it. Honestly, I didn't think too much of it. It's light, and has some citrus overtones to it (maybe orange, or even lemon), but there's also a less pleasant mineral-type taste to it which especially affects the aftertaste. There's something about the wine that feels artificial and the flavor of the grapes never comes out.

It's not a horrible wine. It went better with my mac and cheese the second night than with the chicken. And it does have some good qualities. It goes down fairly easily and has a nice initial complexity to it.

With this wine, it's of extreme important to keep it chilled. When I let it sit out a little bit, alot of the more "artificial" harsher flavors became more prominent. It was such that the wine tasted considerably better at the start of the meal than at the end.

Considering where I bought the wine, it's possible that it wasn't taken care of very well, and that might have affected the bottle I bought. (I might buy a bottle from a more reputable wine seller to see if it's any different). Additionally, I tend to be harder on white wines than red wines. Even so, I can't really recommend this wine. It's not refreshing like some I'm had, nor leaves you wanting more.

Still, it's not atrocious, and as far as wine goes it's cheap enough that it's a good "get drunk wine" I suppose. Just be sure to keep it cool...

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