Some of my regular readers, and even many casual wine drinkers, may be wondering, "Isn't it a little early to be drinking a Merlot, or in fact pretty much any red wine, from 2000?" The answer is, of course it is.

This wine was very one dimensional, though I should state up front that it was a little oxidized by the time I got around to drinking it. It presented a dense red color and a pungent, "sherry-esque" aroma that I think was unrelated to its state of oxidation. The flavors were grapey and sweet, but were not backed by any hint of tannin or even much acid.

This is a mass produced wine, hailing from the Rapel Valley in Chile, which is actually growing in reputation. You can buy this wine cheaply and in bulk, but maybe you're better off just having a beer.

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