A product of the Ernest & Julio Gallo winemaking conglomerate. It is not, shall we say, one of the better wines I've tasted.

I got served this at a business Christmas party I attended last night. I was pleased that I could identify it as a Merlot without knowing the source, but in reality this was not overly difficult. It was a relatively light wine, low in tannin and reasonably high in acidity; and while it had a pretty straightforward aroma, there was a hint of the typical berry taste you get with a Merlot. Surprisingly, it had a medium to long finish that was not altogether unpleasant.

In short, it was your basic cheap red wine--uncomplicated, generally dull. Had it been served just a little colder than the rather warm room temperature it was at, I might have nicer things to say. But in the final analysis, it was the sort of wine I expected from the open bar, and the fact that it was less than superb did not prevent me from going up and getting several glasses over the course of the evening. A friend of mine at the same party told me later that there was also a free single malt scotch available at another table...perhaps I should have reconnoitered more effectively.

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