My newest hobby is learning about wine, so I've been picking up single bottles of this and that in different places. I realized that I had two bottles of this: one from Shop'n'Save and one from BJ's. I'm glad I got two -- it's yummy. I will probably buy more.

It's tart and fruity -- like canned peaches with hints of lime. It's only a tiny bit sweet, but that impression may be more from the fruit flavors than the sugar content. When we had some last night with pasta and cauliflower, the food brought out a hot alcohol character and the wine's tartness didn't really compliment it, but by itself or with cheese (we like Cabot Hunter's Seriously Sharp Cheddar) the wine is really nice -- protein/umami makes a nice contrast. It might also be good with chicken or fish or maybe a creamier pasta. I'm also thinking it would be good at Thanksgiving w/turkey and cranberry sauce), but we're a vegetarian household. There's a faint buttery-ness in the finish.

It costs around $10 a bottle, and you can find it pretty much anywhere. For what it's worth, Wine Today (a website) gave it 3.5 stars out of five, which is pretty decent for your ten bucks.

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