I have been nursing this late bottled vintage port for about two years now, a feat made possible by my little vacuum sealer tool (which many people have little luck with, but which I have found to be an excellent tool).

I was a little disappointed with it upon purchase (though only about $20 was paid), as it seemed out of balance with a little too much alcohol and not enough of the sweetness you hope to get. However, The past two years have done wonders for it, enhancing its beautiful brick colors and sweetening it to the point of perfection. I regret that I shall soon exhaust my supply. I attribute its quality aging to the fact that it was only barrel aged for four years, when up to six years is common before bottling, and the fact that is unfiltered (which has allowed the wine to sit on its own sediment for 16 years). If you can get yourself some of this at a reasonable price, I say go for it.

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