My wife and I stayed at a bed and breakfast in rural Vermont (and I mean rural) this weekend, and the hostess gave us a bottle of this wine. I expected little from this wine—a nonvintage blend wine from Catalonia—but was pleasantly surprised.

The color, aroma, and taste were straightforward—light color, a somewhat spicy scent, moderate fruitiness, low tannin. But taken on the whole they merged quite well into what was a pleasant, easy-to-drink red that shared much in common with a Cotes du Rhone or perhaps a Salice Salentino. It was, in short, a red wine you didn't have to think about, which was just what I wanted at the time.

I didn't ask then how much it cost, but some searching on the web shows it's obtainable at about $4.20 (US) a bottle. It's not really a lot of wine, but it sure is worth the $4.

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