I've had this wine (an appellation from southern Italy) a couple of times in the past few years; and every time I tasted it, I said to myself "Huh, well that was a pretty darn good wine." So when I was looking for a lighter-bodied red the other day, I picked up a bottle.

It had a dull red color, tending toward brickish--not something you see a lot of in a younger red. I drank it at room temperature (as directed by the label), and noticed a spicy aroma (maybe black pepper, but I'm suspicious of that as I've smelled it in a lot of recent wines). It was light-bodied with moderate tannins, but with a full, sharp flavor. This will sound odd, but it had hints of both cherry kool-aid and raw red meat. These don't sound appetizing, but trust me, it's a good wine. A nice, lingering finish capped the glass off.

It should be noted here that my wife didn't like this wine at all. Maybe if we cooled it by a few degrees.... I may, however, buy a couple of bottles, as it is pretty cheap ($10 a bottle) and I am told it ages well for 3-4 years.

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