So I went with my wife and some friends (and our toddler) to this restaurant--Sweet Tomatoes Trattoria--on Friday night, a place that likes to think of itself as the top Italian restaurant in our little rural corner of New England. They're probably right, though I was ultimately unimpressed with the food. However, they are reasonably with it when it comes to wine. They have a nice by the glass program that actaully offers wines of some quality rather than the jug wine that you get by the glass at a lot of other places. I ordered a "flight" of two 3 oz. glasses of Chianti Classico, this one and the 1997 Castelli del Grevepasa Chianti Classico Riserva "Clemente VII", which I will review next. The markup was still huge ($7 for, effectively, one glass of wine), but I like sampling lots of wines, so it seemed a good deal.

The wine was a nice ruby red, though the low light in the place made it impossible for me to judge the color more accurately. It offered a nice, sharp, fruity scent, somewhat reminiscent of raspberries. I was greeted with mid-level spicy and plum flavors, topped off with a rather strong acid whack. Of course, you get a Chianti for the acid in some cases--it's a quality that helps it go well with tomato sauces--but I think that the acid taste here was a result of age. It had clearly been more tannic once; but some of that had dropped out of the wine, leaving what had once been a full bodied wine somewhat weak and unbalanced.

Still, it was a solid wine, and one of the better Chiantis I've had recently. It was not, however, anywhere near as good as the 1997 Castelli del Grevepasa Chianti Classico Riserva "Clemente VII".

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