The bottle also says "della Venezia."

I've been drinking white wine because it's easier to get my husband to have some too. With reds, unless I've got other company, I usually end up throwing out half the bottle, Vacuvin or no Vacuvin.

This wine is totally ubiquitous: I found it at Hannaford's in both regular and big sized bottles for $7.99 and $10.29 respectively. It got written up as "wine of the week" on the NY Times/Wine Today website, which is why I decided to try it. It's on the wine list as the cheapie white at Ricetta's, the local brick-oven pizza joint.

I've heard that pinot grigio has been mildly trendy as an alternative to much-maligned, oversold chardonnay. This particular one seems to be the MGD of wines. It doesn't suck. It's harmless and pleasant, light-bodied, dry, almost colorless, and affordable. Flavorwise, I guess I could say, um, melon, hay, a little grapefruit, a vaguely mineral finish. It will offend nobody.

It's probably a safe purchase if you're not sure what white wine to buy, but if you hope to detect some flavor while drinking it, don't have it with any food that's terribly rich. Linguine with white clam sauce would be good. It would also be great as a steaming medium for seafood. Don't forget the parsley.

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