This is available here in Maine at Shop'n'Save, or many other supermarkets in the northeastern USA. It costs $1.69 for a 10-oz. block, which is a total bargain.

From Cabot's website:

When Sharp goes awry, when Extra Sharp earns a pucker, Hunter's is born. It's not smooth enough and way too sharp. And it never tastes the same from one batch to the next. It's the cheese we used to sell to hunters and truckers... On their way out of town. It's a cult thing.

I strenuously disagree with this assessment. Most mass market cheese is made to offend the fewest people it can, and as a result, ends up sorta nondescript. Cheese, like any product that is a result of natural fermentation, is subject to random atmospheric and environmental influences which will alter its flavor and aroma in unique and interesting ways. This cheese, which apparently does not meet Cabot's standards for "smoothness" in a sharp cheddar, actually has character. As in any good cheese, you can taste a hint of the creature who gave the milk, a bit of "cow-ness," if you will. This is a good thing.

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