You're making your sandwich. You have bread, ham, maybe a little bologna, and of course spicy mustard. Of course, no sandwich is complete without some cheese, and in this case...

This is a job for... Emmenthaler!

When you grab that package that says "CHEESE, SWISS", this is usually the shit that's hiding inside. And it's GOOD. In the realm of tasty cheeses, this one ranks right up there with sharp cheddar.

Emmenthaler (aka Emmental or Emmentaler) is produced in more than 1,600 dairies in German-speaking Switzerland. The name comes from the location of the majority of these dairies, being of course, the Emmenthal Valley.

The cheese itself has a waxy appearance, and is light gold in color. Of course, the trademark of this cheese is the scatterings of holes that permeate the inside of the block. The holes are formed by the release of carbon dioxide within the body of the cheese during the ripening process.

Emmenthaler makes a great complement to a variety of foods, not limited to the aforementioned sandwich. It also goes great with crackers, soups, and fruit.

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