My Take on Havarti: Havarti with Dill. 'nuff said.

Like it will be stated below, Havarti is very creamy, much creamier than I expected. it's a white cheese, slighty cumbly. it has the nutty flavour of Emmenthaler(swiss cheese) without the bad aftertaste. Slightly salty, but nowhere near as saline as something like brie. And as I've said before, the dill just makes it better. Wonderful on crackers.

Havarti is the most famous cheese of Denmark. It is named after the farm where its creator Hanne Nielsen first made it.

It's a natural, very creamy and soft washed rind cheese, filled with little holes. It's made from cow's milk and has a very high fat content of up to 60%.

The plain variety is the most common, although Havarti is also available in a small range of flavoured varieties such as peppercorn, jalapeño, caraway, or garlic. I'm reliably informed by my fellow nodist Ubiquity that the dill flavoured variety is absolutely the yummiest.

An even richer cheese, with a higher cream content, is known as Ambrosia.

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