A good cheese tray has variety and interest, therefore it's hard to think of one without less than three to five cheeses. Still, considering that a well-stocked pantry has one or more of them already, here's a rundown:
Cheddar, or another strong, sharp cheese.
Emmental called "Swiss", or another mild hard cheese, such as Monterey Jack, or Edam.
Roquefort, or another blue cheese.
Feta or another goat cheese, or a seasoned cheese.
Camembert, Brie, or another soft, spreadable cheese.

This can be pruned down to three: Cheddar, a mild cheese, and a soft cheese, but it's, well, something less. Two kinds of crackers are nice: a water cracker and a whole-wheat or other, and for fruit, grapes or raisins and apples are good to start. Then branch out: pears, peaches, plums...

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