The catch phrase of the American Dairy Council, or something. Surprisingly sounds like something that a villain would say whilst unleashing lactose death upon some hero. "You fools! (villain throws cape over shoulder, points to the direction of heroes as per your typical anime) Behold the power of CHEESE! Ahahahahah! Hohohohoh! Seize them!" Henchmen wearing cheese wedge hats emerge, hijinks ensue.

I think my favorite commercial using this slogan is the one that goes like this:

Crickets chirping at night with the camera pointing up at a full moon. Following subtitles are shown:

For millions of years, man thought the moon was made of cheese.

In 1969, we finally made it to the moon and discovered it was solid rock.

We have not returned since.

Behold, the Power of Cheese.
I have seen the incredible power of cheese first hand. Way back in high school, our chemistry teacher was conducting the standard kitchen food science demonstrations. Burning sugar cube, flour fireball and the like. The caloric value of food was being calculated by an equation of temperature versus burn time or some such thing. In typical teenage fashion, I was much more interested in the girls sitting in the next row. My rapt attention was soon reacquired by Mr. Williams, our resident mad scientist.

The current burning foodstuff was apparently not reacting in the intended fashion. The subject of the experiment was a whey cheese, chock full of cystine, which is a highly sulfuric amino acid. Seems that this particular brand of whey cheese was packaged in vegetable oil. The resulting higher combustion point caused a particularly foul yellow mist to rise from the burning chunk of cheese. Sulfur smoke as it turns out.

We had classes in another room for a week.

Behold, the Power of Cheese.

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