For nearly six years, night after night, I had the same midnight snack... Campbell's Chunky Chicken Broccoli Cheese and Potato Soup. My dog Fred would join me in the kitchen and wait by my side until it was done being nuked. I would sometimes let him wear my baseball cap while the nuking was commencing. Fred died last week but the soup still flows in his memory. Never underestimate the power of soup...or the love of a good dog.

Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun, along with some darn good soup.

Soup. Oh Soup!! I like to call it “syoup”. I have always said that my life is going to be soup and scarves. I love soup so much, it’s such a comfort, even the word placates me.. sSssSssssss soup, slurp, sip, soothing, sleep. But not sex, at least. It warms up all my insides and I love it because I love rain as much.. and its steamy and smells all savoury and people who want to lose weight live on the stuff. There is the ever famous “Cabbage Soup Diet” in fact.. and Buffy (the vampire slayer) follows her own version of this diet.

I was always wondering whether the myth was true, that chicken soup is good for colds. Well, Annette Adam, dietitian, and the author of “Foods That Harm, Foods That Heal”,says that chicken soup contains a substance that helps to thin out the mucus and relieve congestion.

The Campbells Soup company delivered me all sorts of delicious facts about my beloved syoup :)

  • Americans consume more than 10 billion bowls of soup each year.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte once said, "An army travels on its stomach. Soup makes the soldier."
  • There is an old Yiddish saying, "Troubles are easier to take with soup than without."
  • An old Spanish proverb says: "Of soup and love, the first is best."
  • The first archaeological evidence of someone stirring up soup for dinner dates back to 6000 BC. The main ingredient of this first-known soup? Hippopotamus Bones! The ladies of the French court of Louis XI subsisted mainly on soup because they believed that chewing would cause them to develop facial wrinkles.
  • In one year Campbell produces almost 11 billion letters for its alphabet soups.
  • Former president Bill Clinton's favorite soup is Vegetable Beef.

According to the ‘Newsbites’ section of 1996’s issue of “Food Processing” magazine, there is an awful lot you can tell about a person by the way they eat their soup.

Do you drink soup from a bowl?
Then apparently you are a Carefree Independent; you live life to the fullest, never caring what others may think. You march to the beat of a different drummer, but couldn't be happier.

Or do you..
Drink soup from a mug?
Then you are a Free spirited Enthusiast, not as concerned with etiquette – you are self-reliant and on-the-go. You know how you like it; and do not want to be told how to do things.

Or do you..
Eat soup with a large spoon?
Then you know what you want - in soup and in life; you are a Purposeful Traditionalist. You use the simplest way to get from one point to another.

Or do you..
Eat soup with a small spoon?
Then you are a Cautious Connoisseur, who can be relied on to do what is expected. You avoid making a fuss; and can be a behind-the-scenes organiser.

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