The final ingredient in Trader Joe-san's wasabi peas. Actually, it reads, "... wasabi (mustard power)". You've got to wonder: is this is a simple typo, or is it a hidden message?

The label on the front of the package claims that contained within are "Sweet Green Peas with a Slightly Spicy Wasabi Mustard Coating". Again, you have to wonder if Trader Joe-san was kidding when he wrote this label: wasabi, slightly spicy? If it can make me squint and cry and groan, you'd better believe it's pretty damn spicy.

Thus, I think that "mustard power" was not, in fact, a misspelling of "mustard powder", but rather a testament to the true natural wonder that is wasabi. Hooray for Trader Joe's, and hooray for wasabi peas. Maybe we could start a mustard power movement, kind of like the soy movement. Mmm, It tastes like burning...

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