From: The Thorough Good Cook

Soup: 13. Green Pea Soup (St. Germain)

Take three pints of green peas, mature, but not too old, and let them sweat thoroughly in stock on the fire with a bunch of green onions, parsley, a little mint, and a quarter of a pound of ham. When done, pound and moisten them with white stock to about the same consistence as other thick soups. Set this to boil gently for about twenty minutes at the corner of the stove, and skim well. When about to serve, colour your soup with a little parsley-or spinach-green, as dry as yon can obtain it, by squeezing between two napkins. Mix your green with about two ounces of butter, well worked in a cloth, that no moisture may remain in it : if any wet particles remain either in the green or the butter, it will cause them to curdle in the soup instead of producing a smooth opaque green. Put your green and butter in a round-bottomed basin; stir them with a wooden spoon, while you gradually moisten with soup, till the whole forms one and the same body. Serve immediately with fried sippets. Green pea soup should be velvet-smooth. Just before serving you may put into it a few whole peas which have been boiled separately ; but when you do this you must leave out the sippets.

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