Monterey Jack is made from cow's milk, as opposed to (true) mozzarella's water buffalo milk. It was developed in California by a Scotsman, David Jacks, in 1882 or 1916. It has a smooth, bland taste and melts easily, which makes it one of my favorites cheeses for nuking on Triscuits. Its consistency ranges from soft to hard, depending on maturity. The kind I use on Triscuits is of the softer variety, which is aged about one month. Monterey Jack meant for grating is aged upwards of six months.

Monterey Jack's taste is somewhere between cheddar and mozzarella. Since I hate mozzarella (too bland) and love cheddar but try to avoid it (way too full of cholesterol), Monterey Jack is a good compromise. It's also good for using in recipes that call for either of the above, and is available as string cheese.

Large, distinctly Australian mouse. Along with friendly fly Zipper, joined Chip, Dale, and Gadget as the Rescue Rangers.

Monterey Jack had a significant weakness for cheese. More than once did his intense cravings for the dairy product get him and his friends into trouble. When not distracted by cheese, however, he was a strong and cunning adventurer who always had a word of wisdom for his less-experienced pals.

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