Colby Cheese (khol-bee)

"A cheese similar to Cheddar which can be made from either raw or pasteurized milk, but the curd is not matted or milled. As it has a more open texture and contains more moisture than Cheddar, it does not keep so well." - Cheese And Cheese Cookery, T. A. Layton 1967

Colby cheese was first created in Colby, Wisconsin, by Joseph Steinwand in the 1880's. It is orangish yellow, and is usually mild but sometimes sharp. It can be used in place of Cheddar cheese, served with fruit, wine, on crackers, or used in your favorite cheesy dish. It is also available mixed with Monterey Jack cheese, which is called Colby Jack or simply Cojack.

I often eat it plain or melted on to a hamburger. Truly a classic American cheese.

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