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I am a falling rock.
A mechanoid
32 feet per second per second
Driven by nothing.
Mechanical Desire
"Invisible but dim"
in her arms.

February 1, 2002|February 2, 2002

I get cold if I don't sleep
the cold creeps slowly in
one doesn't realize its coming, uninvited
but it comes with heavy presence
nothing i do will kill the chill
i eat, stand near the hearth, and put on heavy clothes
it doesn't pass
my breath isn't as warm as it should be
I crawl into bed
my feet get cold, though they weren't before
as i pull the warm blankets over my shivering body
i start to warm as my mind drifts away
but nothing is well if i awake too early
if i sleep through the morning, i wake up warm and well
it takes away from waking alone
a warm body helps stave off the cold
once i've slept i can dress and go about my day
if i go another living 24 hours the cold will come again
with the cold comes emptiness
and lacking any emotion
so i will sleep again.

E. Deprivation of Sensory Stimuli
The chief effect of arrest and detention, and particularly of solitary confinement, is to deprive the subject of many or most of the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and tactile sensations to which he has grown accustomed. John C. Lilly examined eighteen autobiographical accounts written by polar explorers and solitary seafarers. He found "... that isolation per se acts on most persons as a powerful stress.... In all cases of survivors of isolation at sea or in the polar night, it was the first exposure which caused the greatest fears and hence the greatest danger of giving way to symptoms; previous experience is a powerful aid in going ahead, despite the symptoms. "The symptoms most commonly produced by isolation are superstition, intense love of any other living thing, perceiving inanimate objects as alive, hallucinations, and delusions." (26)

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