What does nothingness mean?

An infinite space, deep and empty?
But how can nothingness be infinite?

Somebody told me that nothingness is absurd. "Because we cant imagine nothingness".
But to me, simply because we can't imagine nothingness does not make it absurd. We can't imagine God, yet he doesnt seem absurd to 95 per cent of the population.

Could Nothingness be the mirror of fullness?
Personally, I think it cannot be conceived of. To define nothingness destroys it..

On a more planetary level, Nothingness could be just the resultant factor of never wondering, never being awestruck by your surroundings. Thus, nothingness is the state that, sadly, much of this society resides in.

If Nothing is the Opposite of Everything, what would Nothing.com or Nothing2.com be like?

Noth"ing*ness, n.


Nihility; nonexistence.


The state of being of no value; a thing of no value.


© Webster 1913.

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