Start Again


"How is it possible that so many have different interpretations of the truth?"

The formation of collective realities passes teachings from one generation to the next, reinforced by those one is exposed to. The result is a collective faith that integrates the truth with laws that strengthen the collective faith.

"So, who is right?"

There can be no interpretation that is incorrect if it is interpreted from the soul. What becomes the core of the soul is what is right for the soul and its carriage. Everyone is right.

The nature of collective reality is to mold individual realities into one shared core. This creates a variety of belief systems. Some can be questioned. Others are held as incontrovertible. As such, they enter into the core of the individual soul and become known as truth. In order for collective realities to grow and become stronger, they must become larger. To do this they must become soul collectors, drawing strength from what the individual soul can give and by requiring it to accept the shared core belief systems. The collective realities are good. They foster continuity and allow souls to achieve what they most desire, fellowship with other souls. Each collective reality is different, and the strongest collective realities become frames. Into these frames will travel souls who can accept the core of the frame. Heaven is a collective reality that rises above other frames. It is open to those who will accept its core values. There are other frames. Each draws its own collection of souls.

As I understand it, the fundamental existence of all things is perpetuated by what is most easily referred to as "the energy." All things are part of this energy, from God to the ant that just crawled into your picnic basket. How the energy came to be or why it came to be is something that cannot be understood. The difference between absolute nothingness and infinite existence is a pretty wide river to try to cross. All religions are correct and so is your Big Bang theory. Everyone is right.

To take it one step further, I am only right if you believe that I am. If you do not agree with me, then you are also right. Neither of us is wrong. We have different roads to travel and need to believe in different things and see things in different ways.

To be wrong requires that you stop existing.

I believe this to mean that if you are wrong in your interpretations of "what it all means" you would stop existing. You cannot be wrong. Conflicts are bred as the result of one belief system not being in harmony with another belief system. If you can accept the differences in other people, and in other collective realities, and if they do the same for you, then harmony results. Harmony creates a stronger flow of positive energy, which allows the frame to rise higher in the energy. Doing so brings heaven to your backyard. The Kingdom of Heaven is here. Offer the other cheek.

We've screwed it up, collectively, but it is the nature of collective realities that we do it together. We enforce our will on others who do not agree with us, when the only action needed with those who do not mesh with our personal and collective realities is a pat on the back before sending them out on the road. To do this isn't cruel because they aren't where they need to be. Conflict is also bred by individuals attempting to join a collective reality without accepting its core belief system.

Everyone belongs somewhere.

This is often why we are lost. We are simply not where we belong, and often we'll cling to people, places and things because we are used to them. It is all we really know and the world outside is a scary place. Until you've drank wine from a variety of glasses, you'll always think the one you have been drinking from is the only one you can drink from.

To exist amongst others in harmony and to seek who you are and where you belong. This is why one's soul enters a frame and gives you life.

We often ask why we exist and what purpose our life serves. I asked this question emphatically when I took my own life ten years ago. The first answer I was given was "Give everything you can to everyone you know." The second is in the translation above. They are connected like mirror images of each other.

The first answer is possible to achieve on your own. The second requires that all people adhere to the same lesson. You cannot achieve harmony with people unless they are willing to seek the same. We hold on to each other for too long. We demand that others meet our standards. We have a hard time saying "goodbye." When it comes to people we do not know personally, people who we create conflicts with because their beliefs seem so opposed to our own, we become willing to kill them to prove ourselves right. Collective realities seem to be very tuned to eliminating opposition by any means possible.

Everything you perceive to be real is real.

Through the senses of an individual, reality equals perception. The world was flat until it was proved otherwise. Reality changed. If the world is round and everyone on it believes it is flat, is it really round? If no one perceives this reality of the world being round, then it is flat.

Individuals are different. Every person in the world can believe that a person who has carried out a series of rapes, murders and then devoured the corpses is evil and reprehensible. He may believe that he had a higher purpose for these acts and that he was right for taking these actions. Until that individual becomes convinced his actions were wrong, he is right. In death, the point becomes moot if he assignes his fate to be judged by a deity or higher soul of some kind. If he is judged only through his own perception of himself and dies believing in his righteousness, he will rock on.

The earliest souls to inhabit this frame understood this, and in order to appoint judges who would determine the fate of such souls, they created gods. Those who ran afoul of the rules and codes of their collective realities would be forced to submit to higher judgement. These began as collections of gods and later evolved into singular, all powerful gods who knew no peer. These new gods were given great power to determine the fates of souls.

The soul retains the ability to determine its own road and its own fate. Without placing the greater journey, that outside of this one life, into a system shared by others, one risks traveling alone. The theology of any religion provides a framework within which we can travel in groups towards a desired destination. There is no greater penalty one can bring upon one's soul that eternal loneliness. Contact and connections are essential, so how much of our own vision do we need to sacrifice in order to retain the companionship of other souls?

Your faith will always take the form of what you are willing to accept.

The soul core accepts certain things as absolute truth and once it does, these things are very difficult to change. We accept that we do exist and that there is a world around us filled with people and things. What goes beyond that shapes us. The truly devout follower of any god takes that belief into the soul core, making them one with that god. It is now truth because it has entered the soul core. Without the support of some form of collective reality, one's beliefs may leave them on an island.

Everyone is right. They do wrong to each other by not accepting this.


Translating "Everyone is right" is just as difficult as translating "Give everything you can to everyone you know." It is easy to misunderstand the translation unless you pay attention to every word and what it means in combination with the words it shares a sentence with.

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