Pair of rowed metal teeth that are used to open and close containers and garments.

In the video gaming world, zippers are those arrow marks on the road that make your car burst up to turbo speed for a bit. Good zipper games are RC Pro Am and RC Pro Am II for the NES, and Super RC Pro Am for the Game Boy.

For that crazy amusement park ride, see The Zipper.
noun. (Climber lingo) A nasty fall on lead where the protection pulls out one after the other as the climber succumbs to gravity. Not a pleasant sight to witness. May end in a grounder or cardiac arrest. A wincer.

See Also: Sky's favorite lingo

Zippin' It Up

if God were here today
(and He's not)
all His clothing would have zippers:

the zip-up jacket with zip-up pockets,
the zip-up pants with zip-up legs,
the zip-up shirt with zip-up collar;

the zip-up eyes with zip-up lips,
the zip-up arms with zip-up fingers,
the zip-up hips with zip-up dick.

I mean, God would be zippin' it up.

He'd be cool when It's hot and hot when It's cool;
He'd be right when It's wrong and wrong when It's right;
He'd zip and unzip in a single motion,
without moving, since He wouldn't be here.

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