A very nice example of the genre from a winery I have grown somewhat familiar with--when someone consistently produces a $10 Valpolicella of this quality, it's good to sit up and take notice.

This red wine presents a cherry red color with orange tints; somewhat unusual for a 3 1/2 year old wine, but whatever. The aroma, as best I can describe it, offers shades of spice and leather. The taste is along similar lines: very light body, with gentle fruit and peppery spice, topped off with a mere rumor of mint. The finish is extremely short--this is not a tannic wine, though drinking it alongside tonight's rotini and marinara dinner helped bring out the wine's body.

The wine is subtle, which many first-time drinkers of Valpo might mistake for weakness. I enjoyed it immensely, but much of this may also be attributable to the fact that it went so well with the tomato sauce and I only paid a sawbuck for it. I recommend this wine.

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