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Time: Sun, 21 May 2000 00:06:58 GMT
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A while ago I did something stupid that really hurt my best friend. We haven't talked since. Earlier that week we stayed up till three in the morning talking on the phone. Must have been at it for something like five hours. We were both pretty awed at how close we had become. Then I went and broke everything. I've been trying to thing of a way to apologize to her ever since, but I just couldn't find the right thing to say. Today I finally wrote her a letter. One of the most emotional things I've ever done. Had to start over four times because my tears kept messing up the paper. I'll drop the letter off later. The funny thing is that I don't really know what's going to happen, but I don't really have anything else to loose at this point. Wish me luck.

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Okay, now that JeffMagnus' daily Everything Snapshot is back autonoding regularly, lets see what more I would demand that Jeff improve, other than the wa7 and EBU stats ...

I spent a substantial part of Saturday offline noding on a translation of the Quran.

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14:49 EET

Recovering from yesterday's trip to Suomenlinna/Helsinki, and trying to survive my mom's extravagant birthday party.

It was a fun day yesterday, mainly consisting of: The only downside is the nasty sunburn I got. My face and arms look like the equivalent parts of a boiled crab, and hurt too.
Serves me right for not taking any protection for my skin with me to the island.


Apart from being too tired to node, I seem to be far too tired to vote too. I was surfing around E2 and spending my votes when I accidentally clicked the C! button on a writeup I did not intend to cool.
Sigh. I suck.
At least it wasn't a bad writeup.
Since all I have done thus far today is node, all I have to talk about is some interesting observations of everything milestones:

I now have 50 nodes of reputation 11 or better. (Er, not anymore. That didn't take long to remedy!) I think it will take considerably longer for me to raise the bottom of my first page of user listing from 11 to 12 than it did from 10 to 11.

I have contributed over 50 nodes, primarily other-people's-poems, so far today.

Nearly 2000 of my nodes have a nonzero reputation, proving that they at least have been voted on (and thus, seen,) refuting my assumption that the majority of my output has been arcane little dirt nodes. It is both true that the vast majority of them are at reputation 1 and that it is possible that some reputation 0 nodes have been voted on and then counter-voted to restore the balance.

I have been Ching!ed a lot more than I recall (pre-Cool Archive, I guess) and let me tell you, there is little sadder (well, maybe big puppy eyes) than a chinged node at reputation zero with no softlinks on the bottom. Did the person who chung it merely want to bring it to attention without necessarily approving enough to vote? Were they out of votes? Did they ching and vote, leaving the next person to see it listed on the frontpage to disagree and vote it back down? So many questions...

Time for a nap. Yesterday at this time I was walking down a mountain (despite rabbinical appearances, wielding no tablets). I'm a biggie on contrast.

I'm feeling the stirrings of want, notably of wanting to be something, greatly increasing the chances of my being motivated enough to become anything.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

I've just about had it with the store I work for.

Needless to say, I was scheduled for work today. Something inside me didn't want to come home a raving lunatic again after the bottle return would have chipped my sanity away and ground it up in the bottle machines, so I called in. Fuck them.

  1. They never ASKED me if I wanted to work bottles for weeks in a row.
  2. They never ROTATE in other workers into bottles.
  3. They never give me a second person to help me back there (I have to rely on catching a grocery worker who actually cares enough about bottles to help me).
  4. I can't barely take a break without making DAMN sure there's someone else to cover for me (Tricky to do, see the previous point).
  5. Nobody else in the store seems to clean up bottles (Once in a while, maybe).
  6. The way the place is set up, it is now a blatant fire hazard.
  7. The main headquarters wanted to remodel our store... now there is NOT enough room for bottle return and grocery to coexist.

I consider these to be crimes against my sanity. This is inexcusable.

I've spent^H^H^H^H^Hwasted almost THREE FUCKING YEARS of my life in this damned store. Two years as a bagger. Almost one year supposedly in grocery. They haven't figured out I don't like mind-numbing gruntwork. They still have some of the most inept managers I've seen work there.

All this time, I've simply played along, tried to be nice to everyone, almost tore my hair out numerous times trying to be nice. All because I figured I should have another job lined up before I tell them "Fuck you all" and walk away.

Fuck them all. They can find their own damned bottle workers.

Or maybe they can't. Maybe that's why they keep jamming me in there.

But that still doesn't excuse them from rotating me out.

There is another store down the street. There is a tech firm my cousin works for. There are stores all over the city and it's neighboring cities. I don't NEED this store.

But all this time, the problem was simple: After leaving the job for the day, I was in no mood to go job hunting. I needed my days off just to try to get my mind back in order.

It's a trap. It's a goddamned trap. You work in or get suckered into bottle return, your sanity gets wasted away slowly until you don't want another job.

Now that I took today off, I've got time to relax.

And once I'm relaxed enough to find another job...

...I'll leave them all behind...

...the hellish beeping of the bottle return will be forever silenced...


On the brighter side, I finally registered the domain name exclaimindustries.net. What I'll do with it, I have no idea.


I had most of today off, and damn was it nice.
I got home around 7:30 am, and all the kiddies were up and running around raising hell already. It was great for a while. Then, wife got it in her head to go buy a bunch of stuff for this abused kids camp (I don't know why they were going to camp or anything, I just know we needed to buy stuff). But first we need to find the paper from the girls' school that lists what they need. I happen to remember throwing away a paper just like this yesterday (turns out I tossed it two days ago--it's been that kind of weekend). Holy fuck hell! We spend two hours looking through trash cans and recycle bins and diaper pails. Eeeeewwww.

must go, finish later

Target, wash car, bathe boy, read black beauty, watch tv and enjoy self greg brady, the corner, can't sleep, too many horrible thoughts of boy & girls and drugs and just can't sleep and then boom! May 22, 2000

Today I went with a bunch of friends to portage a canoe up Mt. Washington. It was pretty rough going, but we were passing a lot of hikers who were not burdened with the Schlitz canoe. In fact, the rangers took notice of us and started to track our ascent as soon as someone reported that there were some fools climbing the mountain with a canoe.

When we got to the top, we had a lot of pictures taken of us. People looked at us kind of weird...

I ran in the San Francisco Examiner Bay To Breakers for my birthday. I was only in the race because of my big mouth.

My fiancee and I were walking along the Embarcadero and I noticed a newspaper box with an advertisement for the race on the side. I also noticed that it was being run this year on my birthday, May 21.

I pointed this out, and Jennifer shouted, "Oh! That's terrific! You're going to run in the Bay To Breakers!"

I, with a puzzled look on my face, replied that I was only pointing out that the race happened to be on my birthday this year. However, once Jen got her teeth into the idea, there was no wrestling it away from her to give it the decent burial it deserved.

So we come to race day, and Jennifer drops me off a few blocks away from the starting line. On my way over, I begin talking with a couple of other guys who are participating in the 7.5 mile event, but aren't running. They are strictly there to see the sights.

Some participants, while well aware of being in a footrace, are known more for their unusual dress than for their fleetness of foot. In addition to the centipedes, this being San Francisco, there are a fair share of drag queens, dykes on bikes (well, not on bikes since it is a foot race), naked men and women, a tiki bar, and the occasional keg in a wheelbarrow.

I was there to run.

We arrive in the starting chute, which is Spear Street near Howard. Spear is wall to wall with people from Folsom to Mission. Howard is packed from Beale to Main, where the 'elite' and seeded runners start at the front of the pack.

We talk until the start time approached, spectating and being pelted with flying tortillas. The crowd started counting down: ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two... one... GO!

We continue standing right where we are for several moments. Finally, after about thirty seconds, we start to move towards Howard street. After another minute, we turn onto Howard and actually move towards the starting line. At four and a half minutes into the race, I finally cross the starting line and have enough room to start jogging. I wave back at my companions and head out.

It's rather awesome to see one of the businer San Francisco thoroughfares carpeted with people.

The race proceeds through the miles and eventually comes to the bottom of the Hayes Street Hill. I used to live in this neighborhood, and would be awakened once a year by the sound of news helicopters. They would be out early on the Sunday morning of the race

The day of my graduation from high school into the Real World. Quite an important day from what everyone else made out of it. But I can't summon myself to care. I don't know why; I just see this day as any other day, lived from the morning to night, how I take every day. Maybe I am in a sort of shock (I graduated?). Perhaps. But ever since I told my mother I no longer believed in god, crushing what was left of her fragile reality, I have felt simply numb. I have very little passion for anything anymore. The only thing I had passion for was my church. Well, that's over. I used to think about everything, now I don't really care. But I don't think I like this new 'me'. I only hope that I open up some in college. I think I will, away from my parents.

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