Shortly after putting the finishing touches on my brand new installation of Linux (I'm dual-booting if anyone cares), I checked my web-based email early this morning. In it was a nice little note from Microsoft, informing me that I should attend one of their "TechNet" seminar/workshops, so that I won't "miss the 'how to'" that I need. Ironic, don'tcha think?

After bedding down early last night, I wake as if it were a weekday: 6:30am. No coffee but my roommate's plain ol' Maxwell House, I'll have to get something a little more rich and flavorful at the grocery store. Node a little, chat a little, solicit name suggestions for ModernAngel's new computer, shower and dress and shopping. At 9:30am ShopRite is busy already. I score some fresh vegetables and tofu in preparation for stir-fry experimentation. I am definitely not turning vegetarian, but I can see where there may be room for the occasional vegetarian meal in a well-balanced, healthy diet...
Mom greets me at the outer door as I'm carrying groceries in, to tell me Dad stopped by to pick up the parking ordinance questionnaire. I missed him by minutes. Groceries remain out on the table as I courier the forms over to Dad's house. He's not home, I let myself in and put them on the kitchen table. I don't want to stay long, there were two GIANT bugs (Scotigera? Scutipoda? "hairy nasty centipede-y") when I stopped by yesterday. As I pass Dunney Park on the way home, the Easter Bunny is taking pictures in the drizzle with local kids.
I slurp down a Fresh Samantha Get Smart! Body Zoomer for a late breakfast, and settle down to some more noding. -And I wonder why the weekends go so fast... A long mid-afternoon phone chat, "stir-fry tech support". Pretty good, although it feels like I should eat some bread or else it's not a meal. By 6PM I am feeling like a nap.
- / +

Saturday. Kill time kill time kill time. A boy at my door panics me. Same old magazine spiel that should be easy to get rid of by now. I am afraid to interrupt him; my heart is loud and disruptive; finally I lie to him until he goes away. I resolve not to open the door to strangers; it's stupid and never results in anything good.

Still need jeans and I go to forage for some, but leave the parking lot without going in - apparently the day before Easter is a big shopping day, which might have occurred to me if I'd thought about it. I drive to Paula's house but chicken out - I didn't call, I don't want to bother her. Her father-in-law is in the front yard and I try not to look at him as I drive past; he's cranky.

Home. I've killed two more hours and accomplished nothing. My body and my mind are stuck in mud. There is nothing to do.

Amazingly, three things happen which make it impossible for me to feel rotten any more.

1. A letter from edebroux.
2. A letter from Segenbora-t.
3. A phone call from knarphie.

Combined, these things remind me that communication is possible, and that not everyone sucks, and that this is indeed my real life and it's not all that shitty. I am so distracted by this that I'm able to eat a sandwich, hunger is so close to nausea that I haven't been able to eat all day but now I am on the right side of it, thank God.

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