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I just got my postcard signed by Jesus and Henry Miller in the mail!

My postcard from Jesus has a picture of the Astrodome on it. On the back, He writes: "Having a great time--wish you were here. Houston sure is hot this time of year! P.S.: Suck me, you shit-eating son of a Philistine! Cowboys Rule! Love ya, fucko! Jesus Herschel Christ"

Henry Miller's card depicts a photograph of Ernest Hemingway. On the back, Miller scrawls: "I'm so goddamn sick of hearing about Papa. "Farewell to Arms", "Old Man and the Sea", yadda yadda yadda. I swear my dick was twice as big! P.S.: Send me Uma Thurman's phone number. That chick is way hot! Sincerely, Henry Miller"

By the way, my postcard from Queen Victoria actually includes the word "wooglepants". I find that highly significant.

(from a nodeshell by that whiny Kallen)

A number of cool things, the coolest of which is graffiti on the newspaper box of the local most-read corporate-lackey daily:

Confront the spectacle with its own irrelevance.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I have a new personal mantra.

Sundry miscellaneous coolnesses include the persistance of #everything, other people's dreams, a metaphysical argument and telepathically-coordinated japanese cuisine.

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

I've received my Pioneer SCSI DVD-ROM drive today through FedEx. It was in the afternoon, after my brother from North Carolina visited my mess of a home office. I took my computer to pieces with my tools to re-arrange the innards of it. Moved the hard drives to the drive cage, the Zip drive to the top with the CD-ROM. I've even removed the scanner's connection to make things work! Anyways, I have put all of the important parts (and the DVD-ROM drive) together, restarted Windoze a few times (I'm planning to get RedHat Linux 6.2 soon -- promise!) and I have used a sample DVD from a sound card package to see...

The region of the inserted DVD Video title does not match that of your Creative PC-DVD hardware. You can only play DVD Video titles that have the same region code as that of your hardware.

What does that mean? That means that my DVD-ROM drive can't work the sample disc. I checked out a DVD-ROM firmware web page (www.firmware.com.bi) to figure out what can my DVD-ROM drive read. The web page shows this:

-Pioneer DVD-U03/303S (SCSI 6X/32X) 1.09, 1.10, 2.00
(Know firmware : 1.06 / 1.09 / 1.10 / 2.00)
Be carrefull! The 2.00 firmware is RPC-2 and do not allow the drive to be returned to a previous version of the firmware. RPC-1 by default. Note : Do not remove the RPC jumper or your drive will became zone locked. More infos here.
If your drive is RPC-2 you can make it region free again (except if you have firmware 2.00) by using the patched firmware 1.10. available at Fekete Istvan page. Don't forget to reinsert the RPC jumper.

I checked out my firmware version in the Windoze control panel, and I have seen that my DVD-ROM drive firmware version is 2.00. I'm shit out of luck.

Tonight, I'll take down the drive and wrap it up. I'll call for a refund tomorrow. I could've used DeCSS, but don't have enough hard drive space to do so.

Today was a most unusual day.

I went with some friends from the Dartmouth Outing Club to move the privy at Hinman Cabin, because it was getting full. Unfortunately, we were greeted by a blowdown in the road, which we had not the chainsaws to remove. All our chainsaws are broken. So we decided to sack up and carry our tools to the privy and move it. But when we got there, we noticed that the new hole had filled with water. This was a problem, as we had neither a bucket with which to remove the water nor the combination for the lock to the cabin, which did have some buckets inside.

So we did the easy thing and climbed through the windows. We got some buckets, and headed out to get all the water out of the hole and dig it deeper. Once we got all the water out, we ran into rocks at the bottom of the hole. No problem, we brought our rock bar with us. For those of you who don't know, a rock bar is like a jackhammer that you work by hand. That is, you pick it up as high over your head as possible and throw it directly down. This is quite a workout for the triceps. Anyway, we busted up enough of the rock that we could deepen the hole. All that was left was to nail some two-by-fours to the privy and pick it up and carry it to the new hole. But after we nailed the two-by-fours in, we realized that the privy was flimsy enough that it would fall apart if we tried to pick it up. So we gave up and went home. We'll give it another go next week.

The day my high school went nuts on the 1-year anniversary of the Columbine shooting. My high school hired a bunch of rent-a-cops to patrol the building, all the after-school activities were canceled for fear of incident or substance abuse on school property. What was even more depressing than the city's paranoia was that over half of the school stayed home that day. Either because their parents "excused" the absence, or they just played hookie. What a waste.

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