1891-1980 American author, known for candor and pessimism

He didn't start writing seriously until his 40's.

He lived in Paris in the 1930s and later settled in Big Sur, California. His controversial novels, mixing frank sexual description, autobiographical incident, and speculation on philosophy, literature, and society. For three decades his novels were banned books and were considered pornography. Americans bought copies in Europe and carried them back in their trenchcoats. If found, the customs officials would confiscate them.

He wrote some 30 odd books, which include:

Some of his books were published by Bern Porter others by Olympia Press, many by Obelisk Press in Paris.

He was the lover of the author Anais Nin. This was immortalised in a book by Nin called Henry and June later made into a film.

Falls under the categories of Books that will induce a mindfuck and Books you loan out to expand friends' minds.

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