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>Please send me a brief hello, if you could, if only to get
>your email addresses into my new system. I hope not to
>lose your addresses through this account.

Knowing where to contact a cellist can only be a good thing, even in such rare moments as when a cello is not in demand. Without such reserves lying in wait our cultural capital would surely crumble beneath the insidious and encroaching imperialism of Detroit house and four-on-the-floor, leaving us gasping weakly for air and twitching in supplicance at the hole in the middle of Americana, begging for a scrap perhaps of N'Sync-chewed french toast or new revelations towards the use of adhesives in the world of fashion.

My parents just got back from a week in Cuba. Imagine! A place on this earth where you cannot drink Coca-Cola or eat McDonalds! But soon, too soon (before I can arrive, parasitic colonist and spread my Prague pestilence, the rave ruination) it shall fall, the only thing standing between Them and "the world" the vast unpopulated wilderness of Antarctica (soon, assuredly to become a beachside resort for water barons of the great Midwest Desert.)

Every tool is a weapon if you hold it right. Please consider the innocent lives and minds at stake should you cease in your vigilance and set aside in your heart your bow and voice for even a beat. One faltering step is all it takes for the carrion beasts to descend and pick out the sick animal in the herd. Are we anything more than a nice, light snack, anything less than to-be bleached bones in the sun?

When you ask Rowan to say hello, this is what you get 8)

in our last episode... | p_i-logs | and then, all of a sudden...

i woke up this morning to the pleasant suprise that i was NOT drenched in sweat. this is wonderful. although this is only one night out of the past five that this has happened, i am still quite grateful.

me and my boyfriend are going to have dinner at my sisters house this evening. this is the first boyfriend i've had that has just said "yes" when i asked if he wanted to have dinner with my family. i am so happy about this. my family is important to me.

there is a photographer who works for us who i asked to take pictures of my dog, danny, before he dies. he's 17 years old. he's going. i lurve him well. we talked about payment... and somehow we got on the topic of the movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. I mentioned i had an extra copy of the movie, and she said that was all she wanted as payment for taking the photos. it's worth more to me than just a movie i happen to have a spare copy of, so i will find some way to compensate her. but i do sincerely appreciate her generosity.we're taking the photos next week.

i think today is going to be another good day. i am happy happy HAPPY!
Today I heard the Song of the Sausage Creature as it reared its scabby head and howled its baleful howl, and for one awful instant (and only in retrospect) I thought it was all over.

My normal ride to school was just that, normal. Until I glanced to the side heading South on I-25, and when I looked forward again I was inches from chewing on the bumper of a Dodge pickup truck.

Thank god I just put new brake pads on my Honda Hawk, because I clamped down on the front brake in a full-on panic stop. For that one awful instant I thought it was too late. . .

Then, psychometric millimeters from the tailgate of Bubba, the miracle that is thermodynamics riding on the soul train of friction ferried the kinetic energy of my howling carcass and its conveyance into harmless heat radiating merrily off the brake disk.

Nothing like a jolt of pure terror to get you started in the morning. Screw caffeine, I want adrenaline. Bad craziness. Helluva way to contribute to the heat death of the universe, though.

I am supposed to have my computer here at work replaced with something newer and better. They first called yesterday, and told me this afternoon they'd come replace it. I haven't seen them yet, and I have about 30 minutes until I leave.

They are replacing my SparcStation 5 with an Ultra 10. I don't know how much better it will be, but I hope a lot. I am happy that I don't have to work on Microsoft or any of their crappy stuff. It's all unix, every little bit of it. Which is why I wish Mozilla was both available and dependable, since Netscape hasn't exactly been great. I can't even use the Everything Jukka Theme (or is that the Everything Jucky Theme?)

And it is icky as crap outside. It started out nice this morning, but by lunch it was cold and rainy, and we're supposed to get about four inches of snow. What a beautiful spring day.

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