Today is one of slacking. I am back now from Chicago for about.. oh 2 days.. and I should clean, and do laundry.. etc. Instead I will node, and listen to music til I go out at 6pm. I swear guys confuse the fuck out of me.. hah I just noticed the pun. I am pulling on fake enegry right now. I think I gained like 7 lbs in Chicago. One thing I noticed is.. I am thinner in Chicago.. I forgot people up north are a tad heavier than warm climate places.. probably due to things like "sweater months". I have to call about my free airline ticket thingy today. I think I shall theme node today.

oh i should also do so arts and craft type cool stuff..

Today is a good day! Today I received my new bed! Now, I know what you're thinking, "But Chad what in the world were you sleeping on previously?" Well, mostly, the floor. For the past 7 months, since I moved to Silicon Valley, I have been sleeping half on a bean bag chair and half on the floor. Mind you, this is not an ordinary, run-of-the-mill bean bag chair, it is a "Puff". Instead of being filled with, well, beans, it is filled with bits of foam rubber. It is much nicer to use then the bean varity.

And Lillian, this day is for you, why I can't explain other than I just feel it. And Layola, you know I used to spend quite a bit of time dropping someone home there, years ago now....but I wish you luck. And I tell you that karma has been dealt swiftly and justly....people who have done you wrong are perhaps put in their place. And luck is with you. I just know that. And hell, if that don't work, I have someone here I'd like you to meet....Lillian, Ryan, Ryan, Lillian....Florida for the weekend, maybe? Shit's weird and nothing's changed. Must stop drinking soon. But not now. No, not now.
Ask me all what this the morning.

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