What I have found
about Mr. dbrown
is that when he's around
the server goes down.

When his name appears in the Other Users list
soon there is static, soon a grey mist.

He tinkers and putters
with code glue and cutters.

He adjusts and he tweaks,
he fixes the leaks.

I think I am just an ungrateful pup
for without his work E2 would never be up.

Still, it is true to say I have found
that whenever I see he has come to town,
(by "he" of course, I mean Mr. dbrown),
sooner or later the server goes down.

I certainly do love that Mr. dbrown,
...but perhaps it is really just that sound
of saying "dbrown"! "dbrown"! "dbrown"!
and how it makes me feel lucky and round.

Ack! With apologies to Mr. dbrown but perhaps this will get the thing out of my system so I can stop chanting things like this into the Chatterbox whenever the poor man comes to fix E2.

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