Silicon Valley is located in the South part of the San Francisco Bay Area, down near San Jose. It survives as home base for many software companies. Computer geeks of all types may find this a Mecca of sorts. Personally, I think the food sucks. But then I moved to Mountain View from San Francisco.

In Silicon valley, "poor" means an individual earning $37,200/year, according to federal housing officials. Less than 30% can afford to buy a house, the median price of which is $410,000 - more than twice that for the rest of the country. The average two-bedroom apartment is $1700/month. Even people with decent full-time jobs are homeless. Some immigrants live ~25 to a house, each paying, say, $400.

The first rule about Silicon Valley is: Do not try to define Silicon Valley. At least not in one of the ba.* newsgroups, or you will be labeled as a troll.

Originally: north from San Jose, throughout Santa Clara county (as in tres equis's writeup, but he seems to have forgotten the city of Santa Clara itself). More recently, its "definition" was changed to extend all the way north to the Dumbarton Bridge (California highway 84, east of 101), in order to include the city of Menlo Park as well. Even more recently, this definition has become inaccurate, due to the increasing number of companies moving north into cities like Redwood City (especially its trendier Redwood Shores neighborhood) and San Mateo, so people troll about it actually extending all the way to the San Mateo Bridge (highway 92).

But it's just a name, and A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...

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