Living in Palo Alto for the past month, I've found that when job hunting in Silicon Valley, your best resource is... no, not the classifieds, but the movies. My most recent experience with this phenomenon was over the weekend when I went to see X-Men The Movie with some friends. Any frequent movie-goer is probably familiar with the pre-movie ads that are shown while everybody is waiting for the previews to start. Usually there's some movie trivia and some slides of the Coca Cola polar bear. Well, things work a little differently at the Century Cinema 16 in San Jose. In the approximately 30 minutes that I was in the theatre waiting for the previews, I saw perhaps three or four slides that were *not* advertisements for computer-related jobs. I believe my favorite was an ad that merely consisted of three of the four key words that a job hunter in the San Francisco Bay Area looks for: wireless, internet, and revolution. At the bottom was a URL for the company's website. The next ad made use of the all-important fourth key word: pre-IPO.

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